Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Managing Megasites: ‘An Insane Amount of Will’

One runs a popular service on just 350 servers, while another likely has more than a million servers. The common denominator: major traffic. Executives from six of the web’s most popular properties – Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn – shared the stage at Structure 09 yesterday to discuss their infrastructure and innovations.

Managing a megasite requires plenty of hardware. But that’s not the secret sauce, according to Vijay Gill, the Senior Manager of Engineering and Architecture at Google (GOOG). “The key is not the data centers,” said Gill. “Those are just atoms. Any idiot can build atoms and have this vast infrastructure. How you optimize it – those are the hard parts. It takes an insane amount of will.”

The challenges faced by the six sites varied. “I’m taking a minimalist approach,” said Lloyd Taylor, the VP of Technical Operations for the LinkedIn social network. “How little infrastructure can we use to run this? The whole (LinkedIn) site runs on about 350 servers.” That’s due largely to the fact that much of content served by LinkedIn consists of profiles and discussion groups are heavy on text. “We’re not a media intensive site,” said Taylor.

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