Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Microsoft, Google and Data Center Glasnost

One of the best-attended Tuesday sessions at The Uptime Institute’s Symposium 2009 in New York was a presentation by Google’s Chris Malone. As has been noted elsewhere, Malone’s talk summarized much of the information that Google disclosed April 1 at its Data Center Efficiency Summit. But there was a noteworthy moment during the question and answer period when Daniel Costello approached the mike.

Costello is one of the architects of Microsoft’s CBlox data center container strategy. Keep in mind that Microsoft has yet to finish its first containerized facility in Chicago, and Costello had just watched a video documenting Google’s completion of a data center container farm in Sept. 2005, nearly three years before Microsoft announced its project. Would there be tension, or perhaps a debate about the dueling designs?

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